F-1 Spirit

F-1 Spirit Remake 1.08

Free Micro Machines-inspired racing game


  • Fun gameplay
  • Lots of tracks and modes


  • Basic graphics and sound
  • Too hard in F1 mode

Very good

Game: F-1 Spirit is a blast from the past. Based on a Lucas Arts game from 1987, F-1 Spirit is a Micro Machines-style top down style racing game. It's free and it is a lot of fun.

F-1 Spirit might not be big on graphics but it has six engaging game modes such as Stock, Rally, F3, F3000, Endurance and of course, F1 for which there are 16 courses. The first three modes are available from the start and then the latter are opened up to you as you acquire more points by racing.

Controlling the car is done using the cursor keys plus Space to accelerate and M to break. F-1 Spirit requires a very steady hand. In fact, too steady at times, which makes the game rather frustrating to begin with, particularly in F1 mode where the cars zip around the track unbelievably fast. You'll need to use your brake a lot if you're not going to give up at the first hurdle. If you hit your car against opponents or obstacles, your vehicle will be damaged and lose traction. In addition, you have to avoid running out of fuel, which you can do with regular pit stops.

F-1 Spirit is a strangely addictive game and with all the levels and modes available, you're guaranteed to find one that suits you.

F-1 Spirit


F-1 Spirit Remake 1.08

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